Vienaragio malūnas logotipas
The restaurant “Vienaragio malunas” (“Unicorn mill”) is situated in Kretinga, in a valley of swift river Akmena, in a water mill residing in a picturesque place.
Banketai Vienaragio malūnas
Vienaragio mistika - Gėrio pranašas
Vienaragis mystery
Goodness prophet
The restaurant “Vienaragio malunas” (“Unicorn mill”), established in the antique mill shed not only antiquity, but mystique as well. As unicorn – is a prophet of goodness, which brings luck, success. A horn of a unicorn has magic healing powers. According to Tomas Dekeris, in the year 1609 the horn of a unicorn cost “half a city”, therefore only wealthy and powerful people could purchase it.

Delicious food

Food is prepared by experienced kitchen chefs


Large courtyard

Cozy environment in the courtyard with arbors and tables


Banquet halls

Spacious banquet and conferences halls over several floors


Unique interior

Luxurious interior details of ancient architecture

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