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Restaurant history

The restaurant “Vienaragio malunas” (“Unicorn mill”) is situated in Kretinga, in a valley of swift river Akmena, in a water mill residing in a picturesque place. This mill was already mentioned in the year 1777 in Kretinga estate accession. The mill was built by bondmen following folk sense and inborn sensation of beauty, continuing and enriching the traditions of local architecture.
Up till XX mid-century the mill had several owners: starting from the year 1720 – watermill belonged to Mykolas Masalskis, voivode and duke of Vilnius, from the year 1770 – to Vilnius bishop Ignotas Jokubas Masalskis, from the year 1794 – to Vincentas Potockis, from the year 1806 – to duke Platonas Zubovas, from the year 1874 till 1940 – to counts Tiskevicius. The later owners were maybe not that famous as the mentioned ones, however they as well took a good care of mill’s cherish and endurance.

Goodness prophet

The restaurant “Vienaragio malunas” (“Unicorn mill”), established in the antique mill shed not only antiquity, but mystique as well. As unicorn – is a prophet of goodness, which brings luck, success. A horn of a unicorn has magic healing powers. According to Tomas Dekeris, in the year 1609 the horn of a unicorn cost “half a city”, therefore only wealthy and powerful people could purchase it.
A luxurious restaurant is established today in the old mill with the mythical unicorn sign, in the building holding the memories of several centuries.
We welcome you to visit the restaurant “Vienaragio malunas” (“Unicorn mill”). Indelible impressions of taste and new experiences are waiting for you

Open the door to the secret shedding antiquity!