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Avocado and cucumber Tartar  3.00€

With trunk caviar and dried olive powder.

Crispy chicken strips  4.00€

With sesame seeds with savory sauce.

Herring with potato, pickled cucumber onion and sour cream- horseradish sauce   4.50€
Salmon Carpaccio 4.80€

With cherry tomatoes and caper dressing.

Beer snacks  7.00€

Roasted rashers, squid rings, fried bread with garlic, cheese, smoked pig ears and salted nuts.

Wine snacks  7.00€

Marinated green and black olives, blue mold cheese, 12 months matured hard cheese Džiugas, white mold cheese President.

Restaurant bread sticks with cheese sauce  3.20€


Green salad with turkey strips in sesame crust and maple syrup  6.50€
Mozzarella cheese with rucola in ham bedding and Pesto sauce  5.50€
Refreshing beetroot salad with Feta cheese and strawberries 6.50€
Green salad with beef strips 7.00€

With white wine and honey sauce.

Caesar salad with chicken fillet  5.00€
Caesar salad with tiger prawns 7.00€


Spanish fish soup  7.95€
Mashed boletus soup with cheese crust and hazelnuts  2.90€
Beef soup (spicy)  2.90€
Soup of the day (ask waitress)


Restaurant special handmade dumplings stuffed with minced 4.50€

With pork crackling sauce/ sour cream.

Pasta/flour dishes

Tagliatelle with chicken fillet strips and Pesto sauce 5.00€
Spaghetti with vegetables, Mozzarella cheese and Sugo sauce  5.50€
Pancake baskets with chicken crepes 3.50€

Vegetarian dishes

Roasted vegetables with Bulgur wheat and dried prunes  3.50€
Fried zucchini medallions in cheese cloth 5.00€

With mildew cheese sauce

Hot fish dishes

Zander with quinoa, broccoli and tomato trio  10.00€

With balsamic cream and garlic shavings.

Salmon fillet with pearl couscous , cherry tomatoes and rucola salad  11.00€

With shrimp sauce.

Halibut with lightly fried vegetables, potato pudding and Pesto sauce 11.00€

Hot meat dishes


Beef steak with paprika and ribs, stuffed potatoes with Amazon pepper and red wine sauce  15.00€


Pork loin with potato slices, seasoned with pepper sauce  6.00€
Porksteak with potato slices, grilled vegetablesandboletus – cream sauce  9.00€


Roasted turkey with potato – cheese tower and orange chili sauce  6.00€
Chicken Cordon Bleu with potato pie, hot vegetables and French sauce  6.00€
Grilled chicken with baked potato, fried vegetable, sun dried tomato sauce   6.00€
Roasted duck leg Confit with potato pudding and beet salad flavored with nuts  6.50€
Chicken fennels with chanterelles, boiled fried potatoes and fresh vegetables  8.00€

Dishes for children

Crepes with curd flavored with mashed strawberries  3.50€
Chicken stew in cream with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables   6.00€
Crispy chicken fillet bites with fries and fresh vegetables   4.80€


„Vienaragis” chocolate molten lava cake with strawberries   4.50€
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate   3.50€
Mini branch cake „Sviestinis šakočiukas”~150g    3.30€
Vanilla ice cream balls in the almond basket

With fresh, mashed strawberries.   3.00€

With chocolate and roasted nuts  3.00€

Ice cream milkshake

With fresh strawberries  3.50€

With forest berries  3.00€

Fruit Smoothie  3.00€